Rabu, 08 September 2010

My Cross Stitches

This is the most recent of my work. The size is small enough, so it only takes eight hours to complete. I got that pattern in www.craftdesigns4you.com.

I bought this pattern kit on Cross stitch Point (Mall Ambassador) and spent IDR 94,000. And I finished it in a week,because it's rather complicated. More backstitch and also blocking. But, I was so happy with the result. This is it!!

This is my most favorite. Their smile is very romantic and it looked like the happiest couple in the world. Only take a week to complete it.

Haaa,,,this is my masterpiece. The size is too large 50 cm x 50 cm. And it took very long time period, 6 months !! And this is the gift for my parents wedding anniversary ^_^

There are still many patterns waitng to be completed. I received orders to make custom patterns. And I will send the design via email. Please contact me if interested by sending orders via email ^_^

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