Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

Welcome Guests

This kit is purchased along with "My First Mini Bucilla". I'm interested in beautiful quote and also a funny picture. Isn't right? ^_^
The price is also cheap (only $2 - 3), it's difficult to found a kit like this in my country *sad*

This is it!!
Ssssttt,,,he's sleeping,,don't make a noise OK?^_^
And I only spent 2 days to finish it,,longer than my estimation ough,,,
Next WIP is to finish my Jannlyn "I Hate 4 Letters"

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Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

My First Mini Bucilla

The reason I bought this mini bucilla is attracted by the bright colors,so cute right? ^_^
Sebenarnya sih ,,mini kit ini cocok banget buat adekku,,tapi yah berhubung gak mau kalah imut dan kalah telak,,yaa,,beli aja. Murah meriah euy,,cuma $ 3 an,,

I finished in just over 3 hours
Amazing kan? Lagipula polanya kan sangat simpel and kecil,,jd kenapa harus butuh waktu lama untuk menyelesaikannya?
Yang membuat tanganku bisa secepat kilat (ciee,,hueks) adalah rasa penasaranku. Kira2 gmn jadinya, bentuknya bagus apa nggak,,bla bla bla,,
Susyaaah buat menghentikan rasa penasaran coy,,

And this is it,,,,,Ta Daaaa,,,,,
Hemm,,not bad kan? ahayyy,,,
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Senin, 14 Maret 2011

My Second Margaret Sherry - CLEVER CAT

Finally after several days of struggling with the threads, my Margaret Sherry's cat is done.
Here we go,,,, Ta Daaaa,,,,,!!!

I use the thread of "DMC", so before making it must first be converted from "Anchor -DMC"
So,,Here is the process of making MS Sherry's cat. Check this out :

This is the first day I made it

Day 2 (early morning) : What is the different?

Day 2 (middle of the day) : Any progress?? ^_^

day 2 (middle of the night) : trying to make the background,,

Because last several days I was so busy,,so I'd finished it last night,,And i'm so happy,, So lovely cat,,

Let's stitch MS Sherry's design,,it's fun,,trust me,, ^_^

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Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

My First Margaret Sherry - CANTANKEROUS

This is my first MS Sherry project. I really adore her design,,coz it's so cute,funny,,and not makes me boring when stitch it.
Here it is my finished project of MS Sherry :

And I wanna show you step by step of this project,,check this out :
day 2

tried to make the cat's hand

making the cat's face

half done

making background

almost done,,no backstitch yet

And my next WIP is still MS Sherry's cat,,just wait n see ^_^

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