Senin, 14 Maret 2011

My Second Margaret Sherry - CLEVER CAT

Finally after several days of struggling with the threads, my Margaret Sherry's cat is done.
Here we go,,,, Ta Daaaa,,,,,!!!

I use the thread of "DMC", so before making it must first be converted from "Anchor -DMC"
So,,Here is the process of making MS Sherry's cat. Check this out :

This is the first day I made it

Day 2 (early morning) : What is the different?

Day 2 (middle of the day) : Any progress?? ^_^

day 2 (middle of the night) : trying to make the background,,

Because last several days I was so busy,,so I'd finished it last night,,And i'm so happy,, So lovely cat,,

Let's stitch MS Sherry's design,,it's fun,,trust me,, ^_^

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