Jumat, 15 April 2011

Photo on Cross Stitch (Kristik Foto)

I like cross stitch since I was in elementary school. My mother taught me very patient and carefull. I've ever got PERFECT in art class when in elementary school.

This hobby continued after I got married. Next I got the idea to make my parents photos become cross stitch arts. And I did it. click this to see the Picture.

When I made it, I didn't make the pattern because I couldn't. Then I was curious and tried to search in google. yeah,, I got the answer ^_^

I learned to make a liitle pattern,,then I did make the photo to be a cross stitch pattern.
And this is the sample :

belajar kristik
belajar kristik

For other sample you can see in this page
And after that,,I made the one of these sample,,and here it is
belajar kristik

So,,do you interest to make your amazing photo into cross stitch art? come on it's fun like HAED (Heaven And Earth Design) ^_^

I can help you if you wanna make the pattern like the sample above. And the cost is cheap depends on difficulties and variant colors. The cost between 20,000 - 50,000 IDR or $2 - 5 only.
And if you wanna me to make it into cross stitch,,I would love too,,just send me a message fahriabunga@gmail.com

Happy stitching ^_^

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